Play & Construction

Hey, I Rok Dude here, once again I have to give credit to Lux1200 cuz I don’t have time to post.

My all time favorite play, Ruby and The Ruby has returned to the Club Penguin Stage, and my all time favorite party, Music Jam, construction for it has started! Check out all the sweet cheats (including the secret “Ruby” pin) below!

The Ruby and The Ruby – Solving The Mystery

ruby and the ruby1

ruby and the ruby2

To solve the mystery of the “Ruby and The Ruby” follow these steps in this order:

ruby and the ruby3

  1. Click the File Cabinet (and it will open)
  2. Click the Trash Can (and it will open)
  3. Click the Book (and the pages will flip)
  4. Click the Vase (and the vase will lift up)
  5. Click the Painting (and the painting will fall revealing a secret safe)
  6. Click the Safe and collect the secret Ruby Pin!

secret ruby pin

If you collected the Ruby Pin last year, then there’s nothing new here. Just a returned play, but my fave returned play ;]

The Ruby and The Ruby Costumes

ruby costume trunk page1

  • Grey Fedora – 250 Coins
  • Detectives Coat – 650 Coins
  • Magnifying Glass – 150 Coins

ruby costume trunk page2

  • The Movie Star Wig – 600 Coins
  • Pearl Necklace – 550 Coins
  • Dazzle Dress – 600 Coins

ruby costume trunk page3

  • Blue Felt Hat – 300 Coins
  • Blue Zoot Suit – 700 Coins
  • Blue Skinny Tie – 150 Coins
  • Black Zoot Shoes – 450 Coins
  • Doormans Cap – 150 Coins
  • Doormans Jacket – 400 Coins

ruby costume trunk page4

  • Directors Hat – 250 Coins
  • Detective Background (Available To All Members) – 60 Coins

The Ruby and The Ruby Costume Trunk Cheats

ruby costume trunk cheat

Click the Door Nob for the Dark Detectives Coat (650 Coins)

ruby costume trunk secret background1

ruby costume trunk secret background2

Go to the very back of the catalog and click and drag the “How Do I Get Coins”? box down to reveal the secret Noir Background (60 coins)

noir background

The Ruby and the Ruby is a very interesting play and as I said, my favorite of all time. Check it out at the Stage.

Music Jam Construction

upcoming event1

Construction for the biggest Music Event in Club Penguin has begun!

music jam construction1


music jam construction2


music jam construction3


mj construction cs

Coffee Shop

music jam construction4

Snow Forts

music jam construction5

Soccer Pitch

music jam construction6


music jam construction7


music jam construction8


music jam construction9

Ski Village

Don’t miss Music Jam ‘09 starting July 17th!


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